As a local non-governmental Palestinian organization, Sharek Youth Forum seeks to contribute to the development of youth through designing, supporting, and implementing youth initiatives, programmes and projects in Palestine. The organization strives to get the voice of youth heard, and acts as a platform for advocacy on political, economic, social, and cultural youth issues. The organization raises awareness on issues affecting youth in Palestine both locally and internationally through partnering with stakeholders, private and public-sectors, civil society organizations, and to provide a wider range of opportunities for youth.


Sharek Youth Forum envisions a Palestine where youth fulfil their potential as leaders in state-building and as active participants in the political, economic, social, and cultural life in Palestine. Sharek seeks to cultivate an empowered youth community that serves as a compass of resilience, innovation, and positive change. Sharek is committed to fostering an environment where the inherent talents, aspirations, and voices of young Palestinians are not only recognized but celebrated, contributing significantly to the broader narrative of a thriving Palestinian society. Sharek aims to create a sustainable impact, where the youth become architects of their own destinies and contribute to shaping a prosperous and inclusive future.